PHOTOS: Nicki Minaj Models Her Kmart Collection on Instagram

We’ve already allocated the next 15 of our Paychecks to Topshop, H&M and Phillip Lim x Target anyway, but Nicki Minaj is currently modeling her upcoming Kmart collection over on Instagram. Either that’s what’s happening or she’s just come back from doing yoga in outer space, where a galaxy threw up on her personalized Juicy Couture tracksuit and forced her to change into something three sizes too small. But judging by the #thenickiminajcollection hashtag, it probably is the stuff young girls are going to be wearing in public come fall.

This, as you might recall, is the collection for ‘any woman’ that Nicki promised would consist of things “for women in general to feel beautiful and sexy”. So far only three looks have been debuted: A brocade-print dress which is captioned with ‘Hugs u in all the right places’ and could have just been captioned with ‘Hugs u in all the places,’ a ‘Studio outfit’ consisting of velour sweatpants and a cropped galaxy-print sweater, and a sort of, ah…. We don’t know. Take a look for yourself below.

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