WATCH: Nigel Barker Wishes He Could Walk In Heels

Besides being an uber-successful fashion consultant and commentator, Mary Alice Stephenson is a contributing fashion editor at Harper’s Bazaar who has styled such chic luminaries as Scarlett Johansson, Cate Blanchett, and Liv Tyler. She’s also worked with the First Lady Michelle Obama and, yes, appeared on Oprah. But most importantly, she’s one of the coolest, most down to earth “fashion people” we’ve ever met.

All of which is why we outfitted her with a Flip cam and sent her on her merry way with nary an instruction but to capture as many Mary Alice Moments as she can — because as you can imagine, there are plenty.


Sometimes, after a particularly intense weekend of couch lounging and America’s Next Top Model marathons, we’ve found ourselves dreaming of a world in which hottie photographer extraordinaire Nigel Barker waxed poetic about his deepest feelings while we cradled his beautiful and scent-free feet in our hands. Apparently, in Mary Alice’s world, that’s called real life.

In what might be our favorite video of the day, Mary Alice and Nigel took a break from a shoot at Milk Studios (which we assume was for all the wonderful things they do with the Make-A-Wish foundation) to sit the judge down for 3 minutes of intense psycho therapy. Things we learn:

Andre Leon Talley is a “walking encyclopedia of fashion” and one should not “cross him with your history.” He also has “references through the wazoo.”
-Nigel is growing his hair out.
-He does, “every now and then”, wish he was able to walk in heels.
-And, finally, the best part: his feet don’t smell.


Video shot by Sioux Nesi.

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