PHOTOS: Nigella Lawson Dons Burkini To Protect Herself From The Sun

Skincare is a thing we’re concerned with quite a bit here at Styleite. None of us are big sunbathers, and we’re all big advocates of diligent sunscreen application. But Nigella Lawson took this anti-cancer and/or wrinkles preoccupation one step further by hitting an Australian beach in a burkini.

No, Lawson didn’t don the full-coverage suit for religious reasons — “Nigella was protecting herself from sunburn, nothing more than that,” her rep explained. Only Lawson’s hands, feet, and face were exposed in the SPF 50+ swimwear from Modestly Active, a company that makes “shariah compliant swimwear.”

According to the label’s marketing director, 15% of its customers are not Muslim: “Non-Muslim women buy our clothes for all sorts of reasons. There is the health benefit of protecting your skin from the sun, but it’s just a case of choice – women choose to wear what they feel comfortable in. For a long time, women who wanted to wear something modest while swimming didn’t have any alternative except for leggings and a T-shirt, which are not ideal bceause they drag you down and cling to the body. I think there was a desperate need for someone to come up with a product like this.”

We’ve gone to great lengths to protect ourselves from sun damage, but we’ve never donned full-body suits before. Have you? Check out the photos below, and tell us what you think!

[Daily Telegraph]

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