Meet Max Mara Brand Ambassador Nina Freudenberger

Make room in your style dictionary next to Les Fidèles de Chanel, because here’s another fashion house-fronting name you ought to know: Nina Freudenberger, owner of the bi-coastal design shop Haus Interior and Max Mara brand ambassador.

Between running her New York and L.A.-based business, Freudenberger was kind enough to talk with us about what representing a 62-year-old fashion house (whose Spring 2014 collection walked Thursday) entails. Read on for her job description, how interior design corresponds with fashion and what she’s loving in home decor right now.

Styleite: Can you tell us how your relationship with Max Mara began?

NF: I run my own business in both New York and L.A. and they wanted to work with working professional women that believe in the community. At the time I was based in New York so they asked me to be one of the brand ambassadors, which was, you know, of course such an amazing opportunity so I said yes immediately.

Styleite: So what exactly is a brand ambassador for people who are curious?

NF: We are lucky enough to be able to wear the clothes and essentially to interpret their clothes with our own style, so how we take it from day to night. As an interior designer, I often go from meetings to evening events, so just wear their clothes as I would and that’s pretty much it.

Styleite: And how does the aesthetic translate since you’re a designer yourself and you have your own vision? How do you think your aesthetic relates to the Max Mara aesthetic?

NF: I obviously really love the brand. It’s extremely … high-end and luxurious, but it’s also very wearable … The Italian tailoring really can’t be beat. That definitely translates to how I wear my clothes. You know, I love something that fits perfectly and that can transition between seasons. I have a few things from a couple seasons ago from Max Mara that I still wear all the time. The pieces are pretty timeless … I feel like I could be wearing my coat still when I’m 40. The brand definitely has appeal on most levels, but it depends on how you style it that makes it pretty accessible.

Styleite: Do you have many fashion industry clients? I’m sure working in New York with all the creative types …

NF: We have clients of all different types. I think that people who work in creative industries also … enjoy working with us. We’re creative, we have the energy, we’re kind of out there and we take risks. I think they feel comfortable within that arena.

Styleite: And do you find people dress in a way that kind of relates to their interior style? Do you look at people’s wardrobes when you’re trying to create a space for your clients?

NF: I do. Everything is a hint for us when it comes to clients and I think personal style and … personal style within the home are really closely tied. So it’s definitely a starting point with me and I definitely think I can pick up on a lot of things looking at what they’re wearing or what they’re putting together.

Styleite: What are some of your latest obsessions home decor-wise?

NF: Right now, I’m really into cane furniture. I think that’s really cool, bringing the ’70s back a little bit. Really, we love layering prints and graphics … I think something that’s happening right now is interior design is a little less serious and more playful and people out there are willing to take some risks, so it’s a nice time to be working on some projects.

Styleite: Other than your own store of course, what other places do you like to shop for home decor goods? In New York or online?

NF: Well, I absolutely love Flair in New York City. They do an incredible job of curating a collection … They also have a shop in Milan. They just carry this whole world within a world. I love them, and I love Lawson Fenning out in L.A. They have vintage furniture mixed with their own productions, and they just do it really well.

Reporting by Hilary George-Parkin

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