Meet The Man Behind Gaga’s Crazy Shoes

All you have to do is look at a few pictures of Lady Gaga to know that the woman likes a good shoe. Correction: The girl likes high shoes. High, weird, and sometimes heel-less shoes.

How does she walk in them? And more importantly, where on earth does one get them? We weren’t surprised to see Gaga rocking the Alexander McQueen armadillo shoes in her Bad Romance video — but the 9-inch heel-less platforms we saw Gaga wearing in the Alejandro video? Those are on another level — literally. So much so that even Gaga couldn’t help but tumble over while leaving an airport.

MTV snagged an interview with the man behind the shoes, and we suggest you keep your eye out for him and his designs. Face it: Everything Gaga touches seems to turn to gold. While you may not be sporting these works of art anytime soon — and we’re sure those classes over in London aren’t targeted to this designer’s creations — it’s impossible not to be curious about the man behind these shoes.

The story behind the design:

I am interested in history and in the old culture and would like to divert them into modern world. The unique and creative shape comes from “Kan Pokkuri,” which used to be clogs made of empty cans. In the old days, Japanese children used to make these clogs, passing a cord through holes made in the cans. After placing each foot on a can, they tried to walk, holding the cord in their hands.

25-year-old Noritaka Tatehana has made 5 pairs of shoes for Gaga, with the help and direction of her personal stylist, Nicola Formichetti. “Thanks to Lady Gaga, my collections have become widely known around the world. I must continue to work on my creation in order to live up to her expectations,” the designer told MTV.

Read the full interview with Tatehana here.

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