Norma Kamali Responds: I’m Offering Healthy Solutions

Yesterday we came across a disturbing column that Norma Kamali penned for the Huffington Post. A couple hours after we published our analysis, a comment appeared on our site. The commenter claims to be Norma herself, and we’ve emailed her rep for confirmation. What did she have to say exactly?

I read your blog and I thought I really didn’t get my point across. I believe juice cleanses are good for almost everyone, and I wrote “supervised.” A three-day cleanse gets you on track for the proper nutrition especially to make the change from processed food to unprocessed.

The point I was making is that girls that model think about their thinness and don’t think about what is healthy. I believe a thin, lean body can be healthy.

I want so much for all Americans to rethink the type of food they eat to maintain a healthy body mass. If you start clean and reboot, you get the best results. Then slowly bringing unprocessed foods like I suggested into your diet while maintaining the best foods program is a very helpful suggestion.

Ultimately if you read my blog again, you might see we are exactly on the same page. My goal was not to criticize the industry, but I am offering solutions that are healthy and work and are supervised.

I am holding a wellness event at MOMA on September 30, with experts in wellness, offering great solutions for all of us who are trying to stay healthy on a toxic planet, where fast food technology has taken over. We also have a calendar of Wellness Wednesday events weekly starting in the Wellness Café at 11 West 56 Wtreet. If you are in NYC, I hope you will join us. I look forward to meeting you and sharing our thoughts about the fitness, health, and beauty of everyone especially children, not just models.
-Norma Kamali

We appreciate Norma trying to clear things up (if this is in fact her, that is), but we still don’t think her advice is very responsible. The implication from her column is that models should eat as little as possible — however healthy those ingredients may be — and exercise in order to burn off any excess.

We do plan on checking out this MOMA wellness event, however, and talking to her about this face to face.

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