Norma Kamali Tells Models To Go On A Liquid Diet

Fact: women are all but force-fed the thin ideal since birth. Fact: most models are thin. Fact: liquid diets should not be used without a doctor’s guidance. So then why is designer Norma Kamali extolling their virtues?

In a disturbing¬†column for the Huffington Post, Kamali gives “tips for models to be thin and gorgeous for the go-sees ahead.” Each one of these “tips” is more troubling than the next, starting with the 3-5 day juice fast she recommends.

Your energy will be high and you will have glowing eyes, clear skin, a flat stomach, no matter the time of the month, and a smile on your face.

Um, no. Five days of nothing but juice will probably leave you tired, dizzy and very, very hungry. And that whole clear skin thing? Juice fasts can actually cause you to break out. And that smile bit? Come ON.

After your fast is over, continue the juices, soups, and smoothies. You can add nuts and salads when you feel you are ready to add more to your diet.

So after a few days of juice, Kamali thinks you should continue this liquid diet? Uncool. And unhealthy. Post-show time, she suggests “thinking about” adding poached salmon and steamed veggies… but also starting an exercise regimen “so the added foods you are eating will be burned off.” Right.

Now that you’re trimmed-down you will be who you are all the time. Your gorgeous skin, hair, and toned, slim body will be better and better everyday. All of this will be no effort to maintain because now this is who you are.

Emphasis ours. You can’t be you unless you’re thin? Kamali’s offensiveness knows no bounds, apparently. This is exactly the kind of statement that perpetuates horribly distorted body image perception. Even if you’re not a model trying to score a big contract, you too can follow this crazy regimen! Kamali claims to. So… at least she practices what she preaches?

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