WATCH: Norma Kamali Fights Objectification With New Campaign

Designer Norma Kamali is speaking out against a problem that often goes completely unnoticed, and yet it’s one that all women suffer from in some capacity. With a new website and a short film called “Hey Baby”, Kamali is sending the message that objectification needs to stop.

In an interview with BuzzFeed Shift, the designer said that the inspiration for the campaign came from a somewhat unexpected place:

“I remember Bridesmaids, the beginning of the film with Jon Hamm — he is clearly objectifying this woman [Kristen Wiig] who is mistaking objectification for love, or in her mind believing she can make a switch from objectification to love. I thought, I think I’ve been there. And then I thought, I’m going to ask other women, and every other women I’ve asked agreed that they had been objectified.”

We think we’ve been there, too. She went on to talk about how women are trained to expect and accept their own objectification, and how that needs to stop before anything changes:

“[When] you walk down the street and there seems to be a free license where anyone can say anything to a woman, whereas that same man wouldn’t talk to a woman that way on a date. In a workplace, there’s a myriad of situations where a man would never be spoken to or treated the same way as a woman in their office. And then there’s relationship ones that I believe women are the most sensitive to. We may participate in our own objectification there because we are wired to almost expect objectification as a way of life, and I think when that changes we will have a lot more presence and power.”

Preach, Norma. Take a look at the video below and tell us what you think of it. Then check out the project’s website,, and remember that you are more!

[BuzzFeed Shift]

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