North Korean First Lady Carries Dior While Her Country Starves

Ri Sol-Ju, wife of North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un (aka Lil’ Kim), is our out-of-touch person of the day as she was recently spotted carrying a Dior handbag worth more than what most citizens of her impoverished country make in a year.

North Korea has been struggling with food shortages since the mid ’90s, when a famine wiped hundreds of thousands of people. The UN estimated that 3 million out of the country’s 24 million people would need food aid this year, which is 12.5 percent of the population. Meanwhile, the wife of the supreme leader (yes, that is his official title) sports a quilted lambskin Dior purse worth 1.8 million Korean won, about $1,595 USD. That is roughly equivalent to the country’s average annual income, Telegraph reports. Talk about a wealth gap.

Bad political move, Sol-ju. Not that it matters, because Kim Jong-un will remain the country’s Dear Leader whether the citizens like it our not, but it can’t hurt to pretend you care about your people.


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