5 Reasons A Network Should Pick Up North Of Madison

Word has it that North of Madison, the reality show about the inner workings of Style.com, might be turned into a web-only series. Generally we think the Internet is a useful way to get messages to people. But we’re kinda upset about the online only thing, if for no other reason than we were totally looking forward to another hour of the week to put our cell phones in airplane mode.

Our concern is that there are tons of people would love this show, who wouldn’t even hear about it if it were only broadcast online. A limited audience means limited commercial success, and this show needs as many viewers as possible to make the kind of impact it has the potential to make. Herein, five reasons why a network (we’re looking at you, MTV) needs to sign this show right now.

1. No one’s going to watch it otherwise. Honestly, when was the last time you made the conscious decision to watch 22 minutes of anything on the Internet? Barring that one time you missed an episode of Glee, are you really going to take the time to watch a reality show online every week?

2. It’s going to be a big draw for advertisers. High fashion brands never really had a reason to do TV ads, which is why we only occasionally see spots for things like D&G timepieces or that Dior perfume commercial where Charlize Theron takes all her clothes off. But this show’s TV audience would make it lucrative for brands from Alaia to Zanotti get on TV.

3. People would go absolutely bonkers for it. Have people ever been more interested in fashion than they are today? No, they have not. Which is exactly why all the the insider-y drama and knowledge viewers could get out of North of Madison could be such a powerful draw.

4. It’s a good way for the site to gain a consumer audience. Style.com may have moved under the Fairchild Fashion Group‘s business-like mantle, but there are still tons of people who remember when it used to house Vogue and W’s websites. A TV show would make the site a powerful industry force and keep it in the sights and minds of fashion lovers everywhere.

5. Darrell Hartman is a reality TV star waiting to be made. We’ve never actually met the guy, but he is by all accounts, super smart, super nice and super interesting. And wouldn’t that be a refreshing change from the slew of near-alcoholic, self-absorbed reality stars we currently worship?

Style.com’s Reality Show: Online Only? [Fashionista]

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