Noted Songwitch Stevie Nicks Wants to Wear a Shawl of Your Design


Your life finally has meaning.

Nightbird and oracle Stephanie Lynn “Stevie” Nicks, who has given us so much — songs to cry to, songs to spin to, a spiderweb world to hide in, counterspells to whisper when faced with heartbreak or disappointment — has finally called upon us, her army of women who own too many scarves, to serve her. Nicks, the human equivalent of a Tiffany lamp, the OG Elusive Chanteuse, has invited her fans to design a shawl for her. A shawl that she will actually wear on her body. Stevie Nicks’ body. Are you still breathing? Don’t worry, we’ll wait.

Fans have been invited to submit ready-made designs or sketches of “show-stopping” shawls inspired by Nicks’ “mystical visual style and symbolic lyrics.” The winning design will be worn by the singer, professionally photographed, featured on Nicks’ official website, and returned. Yes — you will get to touch, cradle, smell, sleep with, and swaddle yourself in the very same diaphanous fabric that once rested upon and twirled around the delicate poetry-filled limbs of one Stevie Nicks. The same woman who wrote “Landslide.” HOW AREN’T YOU DOODLING SHAWL DESIGNS RIGHT NOW?!

Here are some of our own ideas:

– A shawl woven from the petals of a thousand white roses.
– Wrap ten tambourines in black velvet at a charmed hour and use them to form a net-like pattern. Take the beard hairs of an old Irish traveller and use them as fringe.
– Find a way to turn a crystal ball into a shawl.
– Find a way to turn a hug from Lindsay Buckingham into a shawl.

If you are still uninspired, 1) you are a monster and 2) just shut up and watch this incredible video of Stevie Nicks singing a demo version of “Wild Heart.” If this does nothing for you, I’m sorry but you are already beyond saving.

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