Nutjob Pro-Life Nurse Sues Family Planning Clinic for Not Hiring Her to Not Do a Job


Let’s start with a hilarious reproductive rights joke.

A pro-life nurse walks into a job interview at a pro-choice family health center, says she refuses to prescribe birth control, and for whatever reason (that one,) she does not get the gig.

She’s suing them for employee discrimination, obviously.

Chad Lindsey interviewed nurse Sara Hellwege at the Tampa Family Health Centers, and he learned that she might not fit into the culture of providing birth control because she believed it killed children.

Here’s the nurse’s stance, according to Steven H. Aden of the Alliance Defending Freedom.

Willingness to commit an abortion cannot be a litmus test for employment. All we are asking is for the health center to obey the law and not make a nurse’s employment contingent upon giving up her respect for life.

Because when you give women the right to choose, it’s such a downer for the pro-life women among us, and we should be creating jobs no one needs for this one woman and her quest to save unborn kids. Here’s what’s interesting about this: Pro-life people might be able to get on board with the fact that medical facilities shouldn’t be catering to one person’s belief system, no matter what it is. Maybe the case could be an equalizer. Or maybe the Supreme Court will make the Tampa Family Health Centers turn into a church.



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