President Obama Talks Jobs, Jay-Z With Glamour

Glamour editor-in-chief Cindi Leive sat down with President Obama in July, and now, with the election just a few short weeks away, the interview is available online and in the pages of the November issue.

When news broke of the article, conservative bloggers railed on Obama, accusing him of pursuing a “fluff media” strategy and avoiding the tough questions. But with 7 million more women eligible to vote in this election, and a good chunk of them avid readers of women’s magazines, we don’t really see the downside here (aside from putting up with patronizing tweets like ““Can’t wait to see what he thinks of the new fall collection. Next month, the Cosmo interview!”, that is).

As Barack himself points out: “This is one interview Sasha and Malia will actually read.”

The President uses the opportunity to touch on the issues Glamour readers deemed most important to them, which, as Leive explains in a blog post “are neither fashion nor funny; they are the still-high female unemployment rate, the disappearance of many women-dominated public sector jobs, the continuing debates over birth control (used by practically every American woman, of either party), and everything else that affects your life on a daily basis.”

That’s not to say the piece is 100% weighty topics, however. Obama also talks a little about what fourteen-year-old daughter Malia is playing on her iPod these days:

You know, we actually don’t constrain what she listens to. We expect her to show some good judgment. She listens to my iPod and has gotten hip to stuff that was made well before she was born like Motown, jazz, classic rock. There’s a whole bunch of stuff that she’s picking up on. We actually share tastes in hip-hop and rap music but we don’t listen to it together, because some of the language in there would embarrass me—at least while I’m listening to it with her. Folks like Jay-Z, Nas, we both like them, but when it comes on and I’m sitting with her and Sasha, then I fast-forward because it would make me blush…

President dads: just like regular dads! Alas, as much as it would have totally made our day, Obama did not offer an opinion on cover girl Taylor Swift. But there’s always tonight’s debate!

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