Obama Hung Out With Anna Wintour In Harvey Weinstein’s Basement

Last night, after making a fundraising pit-stop at New York City’s Ritz Carlton, President Barack Obama found himself in the “hot basement room” of Harvey Weinstein and Georgina Chapman‘s West Village townhouse, where fifty fashion types and celebrities had paid $35,750 each for less than two hours of the President’s time. So, who was there?

So far, the list includes Tory Burch and Lyor Cohen, Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin, Pharrell Williams, Aerin Lauder, Kenneth Cole, Alicia Keys, Gayle King, Jimmy Fallon, and, duh, Anna Wintour, who played co-host for the night.

Imagining what the rich, fancy types who can afford to go to these things talk about at them is always a fun game. Do they compliment each other’s shoes? Do they talk about last night’s game-changing episode of the Road Rules / Real World Challenge? Or is Project Runway a little more in their oeuvre? It turns out that, just like other adult aged people, they complain about their significant others and talk about movies.

From TIME magazine’s recap:

Weinstein said he had been trying to persuade his wife for three years to have a housewarming party and it had taken president to make it happen.

He said that that last year in Martha’s Vineyard the president had asked him if he had any movies and he had given him a rough cut of the “King’s Speech.”

Obama quipped: “It was pretty good.”

Weinstein said this year he would send Obama Meryl Streep playing Margaret Thatcher in the “Iron Lady” to watch on his vacation.

First off, we’re not sure “it was pretty good” counts as a quip. But secondly, can you imagine a world in which you borrow movies from Harvey Weinstein? That’s kind of like asking Tory Burch if she has a spare set of flats lying around, or if Aerin Lauder has any good lip balm in her purse. Last year, Obama had such a good time he stayed an extra half hour.

This year, he left on time, but what we want to know is: did the poor guy have to eat all alone, again?


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