5 Fashion Mistakes The Occupy Wall Street Protesters Are Making

If you haven’t heard of the Occupy Wall Street protests by now, stay next to your email inbox or local newspaper stand and it won’t be long before you see images of disgruntled people raging against the machine. Here in New York, vast swarms of people have literally been occupying Wall Street in protest against what they believe our nation’s biggest financial institutions have willing done to America’s economy. And they’re starting to get more attention for what they wear than what they’re saying.

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Intrepid Redditor HotKarlMarx advised all of the Occupy Wall Street protesters to smarten up, saying that their message would get a lot further if they weren’t seen on the evening news every night in ratty t-shirts and grubby jeans. HotKarl advised everyone involved in the protest to slicken up and wear a polo shirt and khakis, so as not to look like “scummy druggies on welfare.”

I’m 35 right now. I understand where the hippy thing comes from. I get it as well as a guy who’s 35 can. My Counterparts do not. They think you are scummy druggies on welfare and when they see on tv a bunch of people who they think are S.D’s on W, they root for the cops to hit you again.

Speaking of the cops, Who do you think they’ll mace first? SD’s on W, or a guy in khakis and a polo? Seriously, it’s f*cking cop camouflage. And if they DO come for you. When people at home see PEOPLE THAT LOOK LIKE THEM getting abused by police… That’s when sh*t changes.

Well, we can’t say it’s not true. Well-dressed people tend to be treated better than poorly dressed people. But the fact is, pretty much everyone looks schlubby in khakis and a polo. Herein, we take a look at a few things the protesters are doing wrong.

[Reddit via BuzzFeed]

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