PHOTOS: Octomom Copies Angelina Jolie’s Infamous Leg Pose

And to think, we were almost certain that the world had lost complete interest in Octomom, aka Nadya Suleman, the single mother who became the subject of tabloid fixation back in 2009 after becoming pregnant with octuplets to add to her existing brood of six. Apparently she hasn’t been entirely eclipsed by Teen Mom stars and pregnant Kardashians however, since she’s still popping up in their pages — only now with a very different look. Case in point: in this week’s In Touch, Suleman is photographed as Angelina Jolie, mimicking her much-mocked Oscars pose.

We get the concept — after all, Octomom made headlines a while back after she reportedly got plastic surgery done to look more like the star — what we don’t quite get is the timing.

Tired tabloid “star”; tired reference; just…tired. Yawn.

[In Touch]

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