Octomom Sells Used Underwear To Stave Off Foreclosure

Nadya Suleman, the woman the world has come to know as the Octomom, hosted an auction at her California home this weekend. But unlike most yardsales featuring unused kitchenwares and hampers full of Beanie Babies, Suleman sold off her used underwear and bathing suits. Which, ew.

Suleman hasn’t been able to pay off her overdue mortgage, she told the Orange County Register. That $4,060 sum was due at the beginning of September, and she said she needed the money for other essentials, too.

“It’s just a matter of survival: Food, shelter and clothing,” Suleman said. “There are financial troubles.”

Financial troubles, indeed — Suleman’s lawyer told The Associated Press that she’s facing foreclosure and is seriously considering going on welfare.

With the help of local radio personality Tattoo, Suleman put her most personal belongings out in the selling block. Items up for grabs included the red bikini she wore on the cover of Star Magazine, an autographed nursing bra and the devil costumes her octuplets wore for Halloween.

She also took $10 for the opportunity to take a picture with her, and $100 to take a picture with her children. It’s a little sad that Suleman has to rely on her children’s star power, such as it is, to make ends meet — especially after all the talking she did about being able to support her kids on her own.

But what Suleman put up for sale was probably less abhorrent (nursing bra included) than what she said about the way the media portrays her:

“The media has turned me into somebody I wouldn’t even want to know,” she said.

Our writing here at Styleite is generally more about the clothes than anything else. But we find it just a touch disingenuous that Suleman actually believes the media has turned her into something she isn’t. She’s a woman who had 14 kids without the means to support them, and now she’s facing the hard reality that she won’t be able to do it herself. Using soiled garments to dig herself out of her financial hole isn’t going to change that.

[Via Stylelist, The Huffington Post and The Orange County Register]

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