7 Most Offensive Fashion Ads Of All Time

Think the fashion world is all beautiful people in beautiful clothes doing beautiful things, all the time? Think again. In fact, a new study published in the Journal of Consumer research found that when it comes to those glossy adverts, we women like things a little rougher — “grotesque” even.

Looking at a sampling of responses to ads that appeared in Vogue, researchers found that the pulpier the fiction — like say, the Jimmy Choo ad that depicts a woman fishing a purse out of a pool that contains a floating corpse of man — the better.

The authors explain: “These women would be transported into the story world set in motion by the ad’s pictures, asking themselves, ‘What is happening here?’ and ”What will happen next?'” Funny, we though it was just the shoes. But, it does make sense. Women are total gluttons for fashionable forms of pain and punishment — think: five inch stilettos or the horror that was your most recent credit card bill.

Plus, when was the last time you paused mid-page flip to glance over one of those daisy-filled Estee Lauder ads? Yawn.

But on the other hand, we totally had a WTF moment with that the killer Dolce ad — you know the one where one model is literally stabbing another? As the Times of India puts it, “The merely pretty was too easily passed over; grotesque juxtapositions were required to stop and hold the fashion consumer flipping through Vogue.”

Moreover, it’s no secret that things in the fashion world have gotten pretty scary lately — glossies are shrinking faster than Tori Spelling’s waist line and the competition for the all mighty dollar is stiffer than ever. So chalk it up to a case of fashion mirroring reality. Paging Quentin Tarantino.

As part of our, erm, research, we pulled together seven of the most offensive ads from our recent perusings.


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