Old Navy Photoshops Horrid Lumpy Thigh Gaps Onto Plus-Size Jeans

Proves not all thigh gaps are desirable.

If you just want a damn thigh gap whether or not it makes you look like a necrotizing fasciitis survivor, get thee to Old Navy‘s plus-size denim section! The least prosperous member of the GAP family is the latest retailer to get in on fashion’s stupidest “trend” by hiring four-year-olds to test out their Photoshop Microsoft Paint skills on a few pairs of their plus-size jeans.

The result, as WTF, Plus Size Clothing Manufacturers pointed out, is predictably terrible:


While the ‘Rockstar Jeggings’ pictured above are among the worst culprits, Jezebel points out that other denim might simply have been pinned by my blind, 87-year-old grandmother, which the below picture seems to suggest might be the case. We don’t know if we’re more offended by the lumpy gap or by that weird square thing trying to pass for distressed denim. Neither are quiche.


At least the Old Navy mannequins have been spared their reproductive organs, which is more than we can say for Target‘s latest victims.

What say you, internet?


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