PHOTOS: Olivier Theyskens Debuts Shorter Strands

Olivier Theyskens just chopped his long luscious locks, and we are totally loving it!

The designer got a friend to turn his medium-length hair to a messy Kurt Cobain-esque ‘do. When Theyskens was around nine-years-old, he imagined himself as a beautiful girl, which might explain the look he adopted during adulthood. His long strands have become very much a part of his personal style, just like how Karl Lagerfeld ties his white hair into a neat ponytail. But in a new interview with Into The Gloss, Theyskens reveals that he’s wanted to cut his hair for a long time now:

“There’s no real reason, but people always want to think there’s something more to it. I’ve been wanting to cut it for years, but it’s never been the right time—when I left Ricci and took a year off, I wanted to cut it, but then people would think, ‘Oh no, did he freak out?!’ And then when I took the job at Theory and moved to New York, people would have associated it with that change. So I just waited.”

And now, the wait is over. But unlike everyone else who feels weird after cutting off a huge chunk of their hair, he admits the change feels natural:

“I mean, it felt strange to wash it at first and not have it there anymore… but other than that, no. I just feel like me. I think with the long hair, people took me more seriously…it was more of an intense look, I guess. It’s a bit more ‘normal’ now, though I still think not so many guys have hair this length.”

After seeing his shorter ‘do, we’re tempted to take a few inches off of our own tresses this weekend. See Theyskens’s before and after hairstyles below. Which one do you prefer?

[Into The Gloss]

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