Olivier Theyskens Knows Who’s Designing Kate’s Wedding Dress!

We chatted with plenty of fashionable folk at the Tribeca Film Festival premiere of Karl Lagerfeld‘s Magnum ice cream shorts, but none left us wanting more quite like Olivier Theyskens did. Let it be known: Theyskens knows who is designing Kate Middleton‘s royal wedding dress, and he almost spilled the beans.

The very Belgian designer was talking to some friends when we spotted him at the IAC building, and we slowly made our way over. We talked for a bit about Karl, but then things got interesting. We innocently asked Theyskens if he was excited for the royal wedding, and he told us he was. He had even resisted watching a segment about it on Taxi TV that night, so he could take it all in on the day of the actual event. Then, like any good reporter talking to a fashion designer, we veered the conversation toward the sartorial.

Us: “Who do you want to design Kate’s wedding dress?”

He started to say something and then paused.

Him: “I — nobody knows?”

Nobody knows!

Him: “Oh my god, I know who does it.”

Olivier! Please tell us!

Him: “I will never say! I was thinking everybody knew. I was going to say, like, ‘I can’t wait to see the dress _____ is making!'”

Our thoughts at this point? So many expletives! Why did we not phrase the question differently?! He may have let it slip, right then and there in front of Karl, Anna, and us. Expletive! Expletive!

Us: “Is it Sophie Cranston?”

Him: “Who?”

Awww, man. Did he not hear us? Did he not understand us? Did he not know who she was? OR WAS HE PLAYING WITH US? He was smiling! Grinning, even?

Us: “Sophie Cranston?”

Him: “Who? I don’t know…”

Again! With the grinning! We tried our hardest, but Theyskens just wouldn’t budge. We still adore him, but we were certainly kicking ourselves as we finished the interview. We then went to console ourselves with cocktails and fancy hors d’oeuvres. Theyskens, 1. Styleite, 0.

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