Thank You, Olivier Zahm, For Calling Us ‘Common And Vulgar’

Olivier Zahm is probably as well known for his work as the editor of indie fashion magazine Purple as he is for sharing his emo-tastic breakups via his blog Purple Diary and being besties with Terry Richardson (who also has a blog), which is why it’s kind of funny that he told WWD he hates blogging, tweeting, and apparently the internet in general.

Zahm gets profiled by the trade paper for being one of a crew of independent editors who pride themselves on their art, small circulation, lifestyle, and esoteric comments. Here’s how it opens:

He’s weary after the social and professional grind of New York Fashion Week and lamenting the democratization of fashion on the Internet. “This is why the industry is going in a vulgar, common, bad direction — because of the direct access that doesn’t come with an education, reflection, understanding,” Zahm said in his thick French accent, reminiscent of Serge Gainsbourg.

Wearing his signature retro look (tinted aviators, fitted jeans and a leather jacket) and famous for his roué Seventies lifestyle, he seems like a natural enemy of fast fashion and its weapons, blogging and tweeting. “It is vulgar and common,” he repeated, before pausing to answer a call from Yves Saint Laurent designer Stefano Pilati.

We’re not going to get into all the ways he’s wrong (though we will point out that we are educated and we take at least 3.4 minutes to reflect on all fashion news before furiously tweeting out our thoughts in exactly 139 characters), but we are going to call him a hypocrite. People with Tumblr blogs really shouldn’t throw stones.

And while you’re here, enjoy this video of Zahm telling a reporter he wants to launch his own blog to “kill” all the other fashion bloggers. It’s going to be called “Kill Them All.” Get it?

Olivier Zahm’s Purple World [WWD, Subscription Required.]


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