Cue Outrage: Ralph Lauren’s Olympics Uniforms Made In China

More and more people are hating on Ralph Lauren‘s Opening Ceremony uniforms for the U.S. Olympic Team. The duo over at Fox & Friends questioned the silly French beret, and now ABC News is shocked to find out that the uniforms for our athletes are made in China. SHOCKED.

In the segment below, ABC News staffers go to a Ralph Lauren store and get decked out in the U.S. Olympic team’s uniforms for the Opening Ceremony. Then the staffers find out that the outfits are made in China, not America. The staffers interview random people on the street, and one guy calls it “a national disgrace”. Nanette Lepore also weighs in on the situation, and says that it would be totally realistic for Lauren to make the uniforms in America.

Personally, I think it’s logical that the uniforms are made in China. And it’s not because I’m Chinese.

The fact that Lauren outsourced the production of the uniforms is purely a business deal. The prices for the Opening Ceremony uniform’s berets, scarves, jackets, and bottoms range from $55 to $598. To be profitable, Lauren needs to earn more money than the amount he spends on producing the uniforms. And to do that, he turned to Chinese laborers who will work for less money than Americans. It’s just another business deal, and that’s how most of your clothes are made too.┬áDesigners outsource a lot of production and manufacturing jobs overseas because labor is cheap and workers are plenty, so everyone needs to stop being shocked at this revelation.

I agree with some of the interviewers that Lauren should’ve thought twice about outsourcing the production of the clothes for patriotic reasons. But when it comes to profit and business, cash is king. And Lauren’s making a lot of it from these uniforms.

Watch the clip for yourselves, and tell us your thoughts below:

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[ABC News]

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