WATCH: Quick And Easy Custom-Fit Jeans Are Coming Your Way

Earlier this week, we talked about how technology is starting to find it’s way in the fashion world (beyond Google Glass) with designers who use 3-d printing to make bizarre accessories. But there’s a lot more potential for the marriage of fashion and tech, and today we learned about a new project that is tapping into that potential in a really cool way.

Open Fit Lab is a project started by Kyle McDonald and Lisa Kori Chung that is creating an easy way to make custom-fit clothing with the aid of computers. After using a 3-d scanner to get an image of a person’s body, Open Fit uses the image and certain algorithms to create a pattern for pants, specifically tailored to that person’s shape and size. The pattern can then be projected directly onto cloth, so that tape measure and tedious fitting sessions become obsolete.

The idea was inspired by an idea Chung had to create¬†“a pop-up shop where people can have their measurements taken¬†automatically, and receive a pair of custom fit jeans an hour later.”

The software is still in the works, but as you’ll see in this video, it’s well on its way. The creators hope that as it develops, they’ll be able to expand the kinds of patterns that can be made, and that in the future you’ll be able to get pants, dresses, blouses, and jackets all tailored to your body, without the hefty price tags that usually accompany customized garments.

How awesome is the future?

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