Sadly, Oprah Has Not Been Asked To Be Blue Ivy Carter’s Godmother

We found reports that Oprah Winfrey has been named godmother to Blue Ivy Carter, the newborn daughter of Jay-Z and Beyonce, to be a little dubious at the very least. And today we know that it’s not true.

Oprah’s best friend and CBS This Morning correspondent Gayle King announced that Oprah had not been asked to be the littlest Carter’s spiritual caretaker. Reports that she had have been circling around the Internet for days now, the vast majority of them pointing to Media Takeout (that site where you saw Kanye’s penis) as the source. None of the major celebrity news outlets reported it as fact, though, and now we know why. It wasn’t true — if it had been, People and OK! Magazine surely would have been all over this story.

Still, it’s not like it was unlikely. Blue Ivy already has the best of everything (solid gold rocking horse included), so why shouldn’t she have the best godmother? And who among us could possibly make a better godmother than a wise, beloved, Oscar-nominated billionaire who’s been trying to understand the way human beings behave and interact with each other for her entire adult life?

Maybe someone who’s actually met the baby. Whoever Jay-Z and Beyonce ask to be their daughter’s godmother will more than likely be a close family friend who gives good advice (and good presents). We nominate Kelly Rowland or Gwyneth Paltrow, but we’re sure that Blue’s parents will have no trouble finding someone who’s up to the task.


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