Oscar de la Renta Shares His Bridal Line, Go-To Omelet Recipe

We feel compelled to warn you: Thursday’s episode of The Martha Stewart Show is going to be a wedding extravaganza the likes of which you have never seen before in your entire life. What makes it different? Six words: Oscar de la Renta’s bridal collection. (Five more real quick: presented by the man himself!)

Before the show was taped at Stewart’s New York studio last week in front of an audience of hundreds of brides-to-be, we sat down with the designer backstage to 1) thank him for making our glasses and 2) ask him a few questions about food, life and design.

While Stewart didn’t ask de la Renta to whip up a dish, the designer said he loves being in the kitchen. We were surprised the man has time to cook, so we asked him what he’d make if he was surprised by a hungry last-minute guest.

“In every refrigerator, there is always eggs,” he said. “A salad is something that one always has. You can make a Spanish omelet, which is potatoes, onions and eggs, and a salad, and you have a full meal.”

Before making us hungry, he’d been sending instructions about his fall collection to his team in Italy via his iPad (unlike Karl Lagerfeld, de la Renta knows his gadgets), and was kind enough to show us pictures of a few samples.

“I’ve corrected already this dress,” he said, opening a photo of a long-sleeved prototype made of muslin. “I told them the sleeves are too long.”

We noticed, however, that none of the five dresses he showed in his bridal collection had sleeves –- or even straps, for that matter. But when he rather calmly told us that the bridal collection has been a part of his work since 2006 – and that it includes a full range of bridal accessories -– we were a little taken aback. Here was this man, cool as a cucumber, directing what has to be a multibillion dollar global business from a Steve Jobs-approved hunk of aluminum. Was there anything, we had to ask, that this living legend couldn’t do? As it turns out, just because you make something look easy doesn’t mean it is.

“Every single day for me is a learning process.” People say, ‘Oh my goodness, it must be so easy for you to do a collection, you’ve been doing it for so many years,’” he said. “Every time it’s more difficult. Every time you expect more of yourself, and every time you try harder.”

De la Renta must have been trying hard on camera, because he had the crowd rolling in the aisles (for example, his biggest tip on how to pick a wedding dress is “Don’t bring your mother.”) and then awestruck when his dresses came out of Martha’s potting shed.

De la Renta will be joined on the show by Martha Stewart Weddings magazine editorial director Darcy Miller, Peter Callahan of Callahan Catering, and event designer David Starck, all of whom have some pretty useful tips for making a wedding happen. But for us, Thursday morning at 10:00 am on the Hallmark Channel is all about Oscar. (And if you miss it then, you can catch the show at 2:00 pm on Thursday or at 1:00 Friday afternoon.

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