Our Sister Site Mogulite Is Getting A Lady-Focused Makeover

We have some exciting news! Our sister site Mogulite, run by desk-pod neighbors Amy Tennery and Hillary Reinsberg, is getting a fancy, lady-focused makeover, TechCrunch announced today. Bye bye, Mogulite. Hel-loo, The Jane Dough!

When Mogulite launched, it focused on the movers and shakers of industry — the moguls, if you will! — but Amy and Hillary (who are awesome; hi!) quickly noticed that what was most interesting to both them and their readers were stories with and from a female perspective, on business and the ever-so-subtle sexism that, yes, still exists.

In a post today, Amy wrote:

This decision came after careful consideration (and advocacy on our part) with our publisher/founder Dan Abrams. Over the last several months Associate Editor Hillary Reinsberg and I found a common thread among stories we loved to write: they were all a reflection of our views, as women who cover the business world. Our take on obnoxious women’s stereotypes, radical CEOs who are promoting female executives, and the absurd coverage that workplace sexism gets in the press — these were the stories we got really excited about — and, judging by the traffic, our readers got fired up over them, as well.

You know what? We get fired up about them over here, too!

So join us in welcoming The Jane Dough, and check back in on Monday when the new site officially launches!


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