This Blog Pairs Fashion History With Modern Images – & It’s Addictive

When was the last time you visited a fashion blog to brush up on your historical knowledge?

Still racking your brain? We couldn’t come up with too many instances either, but the tides are about to change now that we’ve added Part Nouveau to our RSS feeds. Launched in January by NYU costume history grad student Lilah Ramzi, Part Nouveau tells the origin stories of contemporary runway looks, magazine spreads, and advertising campaigns using elegant side-by-sides and easily digestible historical blurbs.

It’s a fashion blog where what’s old is new, and our warp-speed industry is slowed down a notch to, in Ramzi’s words, “recognize and give credit to what has come before.”

Some of our favorite posts so far include visual comparisons between Josephine Baker‘s 1926 banana skirt and Beyoncé updated version some 80 years later, Guy Bourdin‘s provocative perfume photograph and Terry Richardson‘s scandalous homage for Tom Ford, and contemporary street style photography and Edward Linley Sambourne‘s snaps from the turn of the 20th century.

With the endless discussion of designers’ “inspiration” each and every fashion week, it’s refreshing to see the barrage of words get translated into a scrollable, shareable, and, yes, educational medium. Nostalgia has never looked so net-friendly.

[Part Nouveau]

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Dan Abrams, Founder