Meet Ed Young, Your New Favorite Pastor-Slash-Style Blogger

“2 Legit to Fit” is a favorite catchphrase of Ed Young, pastor by day, style blogger by night.

Young heads up the Fellowship Church in Dallas and Miami, and also runs a blog called Pastor Fashion. There aren’t too many posts on his site, but entries like “10 Fashion Tips for the Faithful” (“Never wear square-toe shoes. Square toe shoes are from the Devil.”) and a video on collars (the man enjoys his H&M) are worth a look (and a giggle).

More notable than the fact that Young is a pastor style blogger is the fact that he’s a middle-aged dude style blogger. He’s like a dad who tries too hard — the male version of Amy Poehler‘s Mean Girls mom. That’s not to say his sense of humor isn’t intact. Check out what is undoubtedly our favorite video, “Great Fashion Takes Swag”:

Also, MAN SPANX. As Young told ABC:

“If people take a step and think about it they would see it. God created color, God created design. He created things that look nice, and we’re simply doing what he wants us to do. Being a follower of Christ should be cool because God is cool, God is hip. We should live that out.”

[Pastor Fashion via ABC]

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