Patricia Field Wishes Cynthia Nixon Had Styled Herself

No one can deny that Patricial Field is a character and we’ve been particularly fond of her (and her eccentricities) throughout the years. It’s hard to hate the woman who single-handedly brought back the nameplate necklace and made it fashionable for a bride to wear a peacock blue bird on their head. But while reading Huffington Post Style’s profile on the stylist, one section jumped out at us.

HuffPost Style’s Hilary Moss takes Field through some of the more memorable images from Sex and the City 2, but it’s Field’s comments on a photo of Miranda Hobbes — aka Cynthia Nixon — that got our hackles up.

The photo in question is Hobbes’ sartorial flashback scene, in which we see the young lawyer wearing a dowdy grey suit topped off with something resembling a bowl cut.

“Miranda was just out of law school, on her way to I don’t know where in her little lawyer silly suit, with that silly hairdo. Her hair was the best. She never, in the series, had good hair; she just got good hair in the movies. Cynthia doesn’t tell people what she wants. She says, ‘You’re a professional, you know. I’m an actress, I’m a mother.’ And I would say, ‘Come on, let’s dance. You wanna dance or you want me to dance in front of you?’ And as a result everyone was putting their two cents into her look and she always looked ridiculous. It was very hard to dress her because she didn’t step to the plate herself. It was hard to get her to come together as a character. And after the series was over, five years passed and Cynthia had a lot of changed in her life and it affected a lot in her life. She became happier…she slimmed down…she felt better about herself somehow…and I was like, thank god I know where to go, because she gave me a little hint.”

Emphasis ours.

It’s an interesting insight on Nixon-as-Hobbes style in the series and the movies, but it’s frustrating to hear that because real-life Nixon didn’t care about fashion or style, it was her fault that she didn’t look as fashionable fabulous as the other three. If you ask us, that’s up to the hair, makeup, and wardrobe stylists, whose job it is — literally, that’s what they get paid for — to make sure the characters look appropriate. While there’s no doubt that Sarah Jessica Parker brought more than a little Sarah Jessica Parker to her Carrie Bradshaw character, we don’t see how the onus could or should be on Nixon to put together a look for Hobbes.

And also, we kind of liked Hobbes’ devil-may-care attitude to style. If the four women are meant to be some sort of relatable archetype of real-life women, then Hobbes was probably the realest of all.

And finally, while we’re the first to admit that feeling slimmer makes you feel, well, better, it somehow comes across as condescending to hear someone say it about someone else.

One final and more light-hearted tidbit from the piece: Field calls that $10 million budget rumor a “load of jimmerish.” Her best guess puts the number “above $500,000…maybe $800,000.”

Patricia Field Walks Us Through The ‘Sex And The City 2′ Wardrobe, Reveals Actual Cost (PHOTOS)

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