Patricia Field Thinks David Cameron Looks Like A Fat Mess

Patricia Field is as irreverent as they come. Her work as a designer and stylist is certainly kooky, but her opinions can also cause a raised eyebrow or two.

Fresh off her maxi pad collaboration, Field is now teaming up with Lenor, a British fabric softener. Yeah, sure, why not. (Next up for Field? She wants to direct movies.) To promote the project, Field sat down with the Independent for an interview. Let’s just say she had some thoughts.

First of all, she thinks British Prime Minister David Cameron looks awful:

“He used to be, you know, good-looking; he looks fat now. He must have put on about 40, 50 pounds, that guy; he looks a mess! And that is not good because he’s supposed to be an example for people. He’s just globbing up food: he’s gotten so fat, it’s really bad.”

And she thinks girls should wear whatever they want, regardless of how sexy their outfits may be:

“If the parent wants to stop their kid, it’s their kid. I mean, I grew up free, and that’s the best way to grow up. If I were a parent, I would try to teach my kids how to be strong for themselves and learn to make their decisions based on thinking about it and coming to a conclusion, so that when they become adults they’re ready to be adults – they’re not, like, 25 years old and they have the ability of a 10-year-old.”

Also, she’s certainly not going to apologize for the expensive duds she outfitted the Sex & The City characters in:

“I wanna take you for a little joy ride that’s, like, two steps above reality: it’s not Mars, it’s Earth, it’s just on your toes, it’s just a little more enjoyable than our everyday average lifestyle, day in and day out, which is the documentary. I don’t do documentaries, I do entertainment… If I have to justify every last pair of Manolos that Carrie had, I mean, I would stop designing.”

Fair enough.

[The Independent]

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