Dinner With Patricia Field: The Designer Talks Booze, St. Tropez, And Mr. Big

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A New York dream we didn’t even know we had came true when Patricia Field invited us, and a handful of other editors, for an intimate dinner with Pavan Liquer at her downtown Bowery residence, just a block over from her eponymous boutique.

“I’ve been drinking a long time,” she told us with a throaty laugh, as the first round of drinks was being poured. The crimson-haired designer then proceeded to tell us about old days, when her iconic shop was just in its infancy in Greenwich Village during the ’60s. At the same time, oceans away in St. Tropez, the era of Disco—an era that would soon help propel Field as New York nightlife fixture—was born inside the Vroom Vroom Room, as Pavan splashed inside the glasses of Brigitte Bardot, Gunter Sachs, Johnny Hallyday, and the rest of their glamorous troupe. Naturally, the conversation turned to fashion, where Field admitted that she had no idea what people were talking about when they stated calling her a ‘stylist’, and that she’s never understood why so many of the top womenwear designers are men when they’ve never actually spent a day in a dress (unless they’re Stephen Fry, of course).

As the night rolled on, the rounds kept coming, and typical boozy merrymaking ensued, it got us thinking that we would have never forgiven ourselves if we didn’t get the chance to speak with the woman who helped bring Carrie Bradshaw to life, and put her in that frothy $5 white tutu. We asked her a couple of our most burning questions, and because we simply could not resist, Sex and the City queries were among them. Read on to learn about Field’s first brush with the French Riviera, what she loves about the Roaring Twenties, and which of Bradshaw’s boyfriends was her her most beloved.

carrie bradshaw bagWhat’s your drink of choice?
Vodka and Ouzo, Lillet, and now a Pavan Iceberg Cocktail ( Pavan poured over lots of ice) has joined my pantheon of beverages.

Pavan evokes nostalgia for that ’60s in the South of France. What did you think of that era? Did you ever experience it yourself?
My first experience in the South of France was in 1960, the dawn of disco which originated in the French Riviera, when I walked into a club and there was a DJ spinning music. A brand new concept, and Pavan was there.

What other historical era have been most influential to you and your work?
The 1920s. The 1920s was the beginning of modernism, in thought and design, as we know it today.

The world tour of the Sex And the City wardrobe has begun but it’s still a work in progress. What looks are you hoping will be unearthed?
20 – 30 iconic pieces from the series and movies such as Carrie’s Vivienne Westwood wedding dress.

Did you ever lend pieces from you own closet to the SATC wardrobe?
Yes, a piece of round white luggage (pictured above) and the Dior Extreme Sandal in the first movie among others.

Was Carrie your favorite character to dress? If not, who was?
They were all my favorites in different ways.  They all came along with their own treasures and challenges.

To this day, people rank Carrie’s various boyfriends. Did you have a favorite?
My personal favorite was Mr. Big and they were the best couple. Although, I know some of you girls like Aiden.

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