Patricia Field Loves Practical Things Like Uggs And Havianas

It seems not even Oprah can escape the Sex and the City 2 craze. The second installment of the franchise, which hits theaters May 27th, brings back memories of some of our favorite outfits worn by the girls we’ve followed since the HBO series premiered 12 (!) years ago.

Next month’s O Magazine takes a look at the girl behind the girls: stylist Patricia Field who, in addition to creating Carrie Bradshaw’s image, has been one of the greatest visionaries in the New York fashion scene since first opening her boutique in 1966.

O Magazine’s Brooke Kosofsky Glassberg caught up with Field for the magazine’s My Best Life section where the stylist dished on everything from her favorite meal (a Japanese restaurant in New York called Sakagura) to her favorite bra (Freya), and everything in between.

And while we were thrilled to get an advanced peak at the stylist’s favorite things, some of her responses left us scratching our heads and thinking, “Huh?”

Best Shoes:

Ugg boots and Havaianas flip-flops are the most comfortable, the easiest to run around in, they hold up, and they’re affordable. if i feel like wearing my flipflops in winter, i have those Japanese split-toe socks. For me, fashion is function.

Wait. Hold on. Let’s magnify that last line: FASHION IS FUNCTION? These three words could easily cause the heart of any 6-inch heel wearing, spanx-owning woman to stop. If fashion is function, I’d have to throw out every cropped jacket, every sky-high heel, every headache-causing headband that I own. And what would I be left with? Some comfortable jeans and a practical jacket?

Patricia, we know you better than this. You’re a visionary. Your collections are loud and spunky, not dull and pragmatic. We saw you sitting front row at Diane von Furstenberg’s Fall 2010 show at Bryant Park. You were wearing a witches hat and a green cape! Where is the function in that? Uggs? Havianas? Save those for the snow or the beach, respectively. Not for a fashion Q&A, even if it’s in O Magazine.

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