Patti Stanger’s Stylist Smackdown: ‘It’s F**king Elle Magazine!’

We’ve never considered Patti Stanger — also known as the Millionaire Matchmaker — to be particularly fashion forward. In fact, we often find her bold colors and tight dresses less than flattering. But she does have a strong opinion of how others dress. Time and time again, we see her critique the women and men that come in to date her Millionaires and Millionaire-esses for their lack of style. And strangely enough, most of the time, we tend to agree with her.

And Patti is never afraid to tell it like it is — to her bachelors and bachelorettes, her staff, and apparently her stylist, as well.

TMZ got a hold of a recording from a meeting between Patti and her friend/stylist Lauren Solomon, to discuss a Today’s Show segment Patti filmed with Elle‘s Joe Zee. Apparently, our favorite Matchmaker was less than thrilled by the dresses that were pulled for her August 25th appearance.

“Don’t talk. You think logically. Get your f**cking feelings out of the f**cking room or you’re never going to be a stylist. Here is what you need to think. This is your moment of me saying your name on the aIr. Nobody has ever done that for you…Nobody ever [said] that Lauren Solomon helped me do…this piece! So why would you have me in f**cking random clothes…? Why is there one outfit picked out for Joe Zee…? This is Elle f**cking magazine! This is the big one! It’s the September issue — the biggest issue of the year! Why wouldn’t you have that moment for us…?”

“I don’t wear v-necks, Lauren, because of my boobs…! You can’t sit down in that dress! That dress is too short! And you would know that because what did I tell you on set that Michael did? Count the f**cking measurement to my f**cking knee…! If you did that you would have measured and said when she sits [it’s] too short! It rides up! You have to learn these techniques! I can’t do this for you! It’s like when I’m matchmaking somebody, I know exactly what they want!”

“Start watching TV! Watch the news! [The rules] on TV are completely different than f**cking doing a reality show…! The bottom line is these are facts. These are things you have to focus on.”

Ouch! Talk about a bad start to a day.

But regardless of Patti’s harsh words of wisdom, we actually believe they may have some merit — that said, they could have been said with a little bit more class.

Patti did end up finding something to wear for that appearance. And she must have been pleased — she tweeted this photo of herself on set with Joe Zee, wearing a classy blue dress — cleavage covered and length appropriate.

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