The Designer at the Top of Oprah’s Sh*t List

naked oprah dress
Oprah says she doesn’t have a sh*t list, but if she does, concept designer Peggy Noland now holds the top spot.

Noland has unveiled a line of T-shirts and mock turtleneck dresses that each have Oprah’s head photoshopped onto a variety of nude bodies. Our first question is obviously how the hell is she getting away with this? Second, why Oprah? Luckily, The Cut has already asked one of our million dollar questions in an interview with the “white trash meets high class,”designer.

Noland explained:

This is a collaboration with designer [and Misbehave creative director] Sally Thurer. She’s the one who made the graphic. For me, it originated as kind of the age old [red] carpet question: Who are you wearing? And this clearly is: You’re wearing Oprah instead of a designer. Sally mentioned from the onset of this collaboration that one of Oprah’s most effective qualities is that she’s a placeholder, she’s a stand-in for you with her foibles and her failures — especially with her public weight issues. I’m interested and sensitive to this increased access that we have to celebrities and to all of their ups and downs, for better or worse. I feel like it’s kind of my own personal exploration and exploitation of just that.

While it was a more nuanced answer than we were expecting, the designs still read to us as a shameless attempt at shock value. We now understand why she and Miley Cyrus get along so well. Not only do they have a taste for clothing that spews pop culture references out the seams, they’re also white girls who don’t think twice about racial implications. We’re going to go out on a limb here and predict that one of Noland’s racy dresses will adorn Cyrus at the American Music Awards.

Read the rest of Noland’s interview, here.

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