People Getting Tased Look Like They’re Having an Orgasm

It could be worse.

It could be worse.


Those boring portrait series are nothing a little stun gun can’t fix. Luckily, a photographer has filmed innocent people getting tased for your viewing pleasure. Patrick Hall, who looks like Derek Waters from Drunk History, explained that he originally just went for some stills, but then thought wouldn’t it be fun to see the change in reaction? So he had some guys shock volunteers, and now you can see the myriad ways people writhe in pain in slow mo. It’s dramatic as opposed to beautiful.

It’s not something you should volunteer for. When campus cops needlessly tased my friend, Andrew Meyer, it wasn’t pretty. He was a nice guy in my bro-tastic comedy TV writing group in college, he threw great parties, and he wore cool hats. I don’t wish getting tased on anyone. It jams your nervous system and incapacitates you. But these activity-starved brave people were all about it. See the pain, which looks like a whole lot of pleasure for some of these subjects, here.


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