Watch PETA Protest NYFW With a Cat-Themed Interpretive Dance

It’s common knowledge that the best shows at fashion week are on the streets, and anyone who braved the cold for the Lincoln Center today was treated to what is obviously the most amazing performance we have seen all week: A weird interpretive dance by PETA protestors dressed up in homage to cats and a 2006 ¬†iPod advertisement.

The dance takes place around a woman wearing red jeans, truly offensive boots, and a stripy coat that doesn’t even look like a real animal. There is also techno music playing, which cats evidently really like, because they eventually abandon their woman-victim in favor of doing a little synchronized shimmying.

“This is another way to get people to think about the cruelty of the fur industry by making them think, ‘how would I feel if I was killed for my coat?'” PETA campaign specialist Ashley Byrne told Gothamist. “I think when someone pictures the terrifying experience of being attacked and beaten, all because someone wants the coat off your back, they begin to understand what the animals who are killed for fur are going through.”

“Understand” is obviously being used very loosely here. Though with the free entertainment and the recycling¬†of fur coats, we’re not complaining about PETA’s softer new direction. Dennis Basso probably isn’t either.

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