Peter Dundas Commutes From Paris To Florence By Plane Every Day

Pucci designer Peter Dundas walks Harper’s Bazaar through a sample twenty-four hour day in his life, and while there are the usual high fashion quirks (“I prefer sleeping naked. I like men’s pajamas on women, but I don’t like them on men”), the best part is hearing about the high-flying hijinks he goes through just to get to work every day.

7:00 A.M. Seeing that my apartment is in Paris and I work in Florence, I usually go to work by airplane; it’s an hour-and-a-half flight. Really, I am in an airplane four or five times a week. I always carry a marker–always. I keep sketches on loose papers in folders. I used to use small sketchbooks that I kept in my back pocket, but I lost one midway through the season and it traumatized me ever since. As a result, my tote that I travel with weighs about 44 pounds and is all just paper.

We know people who commute an hour and a half each way on the regular, but something about the fact that he does it via an airplane makes it seem just a teensy bit crazier.

Other fun facts: he “probably eats ice cream 330 days a year,” he has a brown lab named Hannibal, and he collects insects and taxidermy.

[Harper’s Bazaar]

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