Pennsylvania Senator Bans White T-Shirts

There are a lot of things we like about Philadelphia — namely the cheese steaks, the Liberty Bell, and all the brotherly love going around. But if we can’t hang out there in a plain white t-shirt, we’re probably never going back.

Pennsylvania Sen. Anthony Williams announced today that the police in Philly are getting extra funds for “the proper ammunition to effectively prosecute ‘white-tee culture’ in Philadelphia.” Basically, Williams thinks that if kids who hang around on the streets in plain white tees go away, crime will go with them. As we have been wont to do around these parts recently, once again, we say oh please.

PhillyWeekly reports that the senator and Philadelphia’s mayor Michael Nutter are both in favor of this plan, whatever form it might take. Williams said this morning:

“We’re penetrating the veil of silence. During these tough economic times, we have to set our priorities and be a role model for the country. These children are looking for us to stand up for them, and we have to turn this ‘white-tee culture’ in a different direction,” he says.

So instead of investing the money that they’re going to spend on this ammunition — we hope it’s not live rounds — on programs that might help keep kids off the streets, they’re just going to sweep people away, and by so doing stigmatize a garment that serves untold millions during the hot summer months.

We wish The Plain White Tees and anyone who goes to check the mail in their pajamas the best of luck with the new rules in Philly.

[Photo by Matt Petrillo]
[PhillyWeekly via The Gloss]

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