PHOTO: ANTM All Stars’ Winner Suffers Freak Facial Injury

If you’re squeamish, turn back now. ANTM All Stars’ winner and reality TV personality Lisa D’Amato broke her nose and suffered serious lacerations to her face last weekend while performing amateur acrobatics on the set of “Cowboys and Indians,” and promptly took to the interwebs to share visual evidence of her misfortune with fans.

D’Amato appeared on cycles 5 and 17 of the hit competition series, eventually beating out all other contestants in the much-buzzed about latter season to score the ultimate title from Tyra. Whether or not the competition actually propels its “top model” winner to promised glory is of some debate, but D’Amato appears to at least be maintaining some visibility with her career: she has a few albums, and appeared on a season of Celebrity Rehab.

Which maybe explains why she was on a movie set, but not why she was doing a handstand against a crew member when she fell down and did a number on her face.

“This is real. I broke my nose last night folks! Got Rushed to the plastic surgeon & now I’m finished,” she posted on Instagram, alongside a cringe-inducing photo of her injuries.

Here’s hoping D’Amato recovers quickly, since a future in gymastics isn’t going to be a good fallback if her modeling career goes down the tubes.

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