Photo Diary with Femme, the Cheeky, Stylish UK Singer and Producer

by Luke O Neil

UK songwriter, performer, and producer Laura Bettinson, aka Femme, has just released her new video for “Fever Boy”, which she also directed. The song and the video are a cheeky blast of attitude, style, and a sense of humor that won us over pretty quickly. We asked Bettinson to take us on a quick tour of her world in this photo diary below and now we like her even more than we already did. Watch the video here or here.


This is a picture of me driving a London Bus. Thankfully for the safety of the capital city and all its inhabitants said bus was not in motion when I was sat behind the wheel. This is in fact a local hangout of mine, ‘The Big Red’ which is a bar and restaurant inside a converted London Bus. A hidden gem of Deptford, SE8.


This is a picture of a couple of turkeys. Search Surrey Quay’s City Farm for more on these guys. Again, a local spot good for laughs and feeding (your possessions to) goats.


This was snapped off my computer screen during the edit of the ‘Heartbeat’ video. My headwear was designed by Fumbalinas (the blonde on the bouncy castle below). A great friend and a true talent.


I call this one ‘Cows Heart With Googly Eyes.’ This is the artwork for the other side of my latest single “Fever Boy/Heartbeat.” I bought the heart from my butchers in the morning, took this on my breakfast table and finished the artwork by noon. No messing about.


A pastel sunset on my street in London.


And on that street you’ll find this. Us. Girls enjoying themselves. This is just a regular scene in my Femme life, every day is a video shoot.


The crowd from a recent Femme show in Bath. I couldn’t fit them all in as the stage was so shallow but it was a freshers week party. And my were they FRESH. There were stage invasions, girls flashing and a dance off. A bizarre evening. No idea who the girl to my right is on stage by the way but I believe she’s dressed for a bit of pub golf.


Glastonbury 2013 as the sun came up on the Friday night. There is no place on earth like Glastonbury. This year I was there just for laughs with some friends and we had such a giggle. It’s a parallel universe.


From SE to LA. Every time I go to LA I seem to come back with another one of these pictures. The novelty of palm trees and a blue sky never seems to wear thin.


FYI this is not a practical way to eat corn on the cob.




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