PHOTOS: Amazing Reddit Thread Recalls 80s Fashion

For those of us who spent our formative years in the 90s, our fashion sense was largely informed by the film Clueless and some sort of misguided intuition that if it was tie-dyed, it was attractive. We missed the amazingness of the decade prior, with its neon accents, giant teased hairstyles, and penchant for screen tees. Luckily, it would seem that many of these trends are making a comeback—and in the meantime, there’s Reddit.

Yesterday, someone by the name of concreteorange apparently started a thread with a photo of himself and his brother circa 1985, prompting others to post ridiculous photos of themselves from the same time period. And boy did people respond—to the tune of nearly 1,500.

Our favorite story comes from joecooool418, who posted a photo of himself with his prom date, along with the following caption: “My senior year in 1985. I married her in 2007.” This piqued the community’s curiosity, and someone asked him to share why it took him 22 years to marry her. Listen to this:

I went into the Army after I graduated from school and like 99% of long distance relationships, we got pushed apart. Her uncle who she was staying with at the time kind of forced her to send me a “Dear John” letter and well, that was that. In the years between, she married and had a kid. I actually went to her wedding as we had remained friends. A few years later, I married as well. Divorces for both of us later followed. I last heard from her in 1990… In 2006 I received an email out of the blue, she had found my email address on a reunion web site. One thing led to another and we have now been married for five years.

The Internet is our favorite thing ever. Peep some of our favorite photos from the thread below… and long live the 80s!

[via Reddit]

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