Behold NYFW’s Other Surprise It Accessory

Fat enrobed in carbs boiled in more fat, injected with even more fat and dairy, then rolled in and iced with sugar sounds like the absolute last thing any fashion person would want ever — much less during the seven days of the year when overeager photographers snap anything that moves outside Lincoln Center — but this season, cronuts are the new Valentino Rockstuds. Or, you could even say, the new black.

Ever since Vogue included Dominique Ansel‘s croissant-doughnut confection on its “31 Ways to Make the Most of Summer” list, cronuts have popped up intermittently on our social media feeds with self-congratulatory captions that made it sound as though the picture-taker had completed a triathlon or some Herculean feat. This week, the pretty pastries resurfaced for much more high-profile outings, particularly in the gift bags at the Opening Ceremony show and on the breakfast menu at the Victoria, Victoria Beckham presentation.

So why would Leigh Lezark photograph hers as if it were a Chanel bauble or bespoke dress? Simple: The luxury of receiving a cronut is, of course, not having to set an alarm for 5 a.m. to go stand in line for hours amongst commoners. It’s all about the rare and exclusive in fashion, and it doesn’t get much more special than getting for free what most humans must wait and sweat and pay for.

Luckily, you could just wake up really early or try your hand at a recipe floating around on the Internet. (Hooray for DIY!) As for your chances of finding one wrapped nicely in a branded box on your seat tomorrow? If you want an of-the-moment accessory so badly, it’d just be easier to strap on a Google Glass.

UPDATE: Dominique Ansel confirmed on Twitter that the “cronuts” at Victoria Beckham were faux!

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