PHOTOS: Mariah Carey Wore 3 Crazy Slings In One Night

Last night in Central Park, the New York Philharmonic played a concert to benefit the victims of Hurricane Sandy, and they had a special guest star: Mariah Carey. Carey sang only four songs with the orchestra, but diva that she is, she didn’t let the brevity of her performance prevent her from having some wardrobe changes throughout.

Recently the star broke her arm while on the set of a music video shoot, and she’s still healing. Not to be seen in public with something as grotesque and medical as a sling, Carey had hers decked out to complement her various outfits: one bejeweled with rhinestones, one with white fur, and one that looked like a big black wing. They were hilariously over the top, just like the singer herself.

A lot of times celebrities go to great lengths to conceal any injuries when they perform, so it’s pretty rad Carey decided to flaunt it. At first it admittedly seemed a bit ridiculous, but then we remembered: everyone likes to decorate their casts. Back in elementary school, whenever anyone broke an arm or leg, all the kids would clamor to get a chance to sign the cast and draw on it. Mariah Carey basically just put her own signature on hers.

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