PHOTOS: Kim Kardashian Really Loves Gold Jewelry, Kanye West

Perhaps she’s inspired by the Olympics, or (more likely) she’s just as self-obsessed as ever, but whatever the cause, Kim Kardashian took to Instagram last night to post several photos of hers and Kanye West’s gold bangles. She literally posted the same photo over and over again, offering slight variations on a theme. A woman of seemingly few words, her captions offered little illumination: “Golden.” “His and hers.” “Luxe.”

When we see KK posting photos of her and Yeezy together, we can’t help but wonder what the photo shoot process is like. We imagine it’s obviously at the impetus of Kim, who says something like, “OMG ‘Ye, let’s take a selfie in the Lambo!” And then from there it seems like it could go one of several ways. Yeezy excitedly agrees (least likely); he smiles, nods, and just does what she asks (def possible); or he grumbles in discontent but does it anyway (most plausible).

Either way, there’s not much we wouldn’t give to be a fly on the wall during one of Kimye’s epic nights out. Check out the photos below… and afterward, please read our new favorite Twitter account ever, which combines tweets from KK with assertions from 19th-century Danish philosopher Søren Kierkegaard. You are welcome in advance.

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