PHOTOS: Queen Elizabeth II’s 40-Year-Old Underwear Is Up For Auction

Do you have a spare $4,000 and a weird sexual proclivity involving royal undergarments? Well you’re in luck! Courtesy of the estate of one Baron Joseph “Sepy” de Bicske Dobronyi, Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II’s underwear is now just an eBay bid away.

The baron apparently came into possession of the illustrious underthings after the Queen left them on a private plane in 1968 while traveling to Chile. According to the listing, Sepy was an “aristocrat, sculptor, photographer, royal jewelry designer, art collector, world traveler, sportsman and bon vivant.” They fail to mention the “creep” bit.

Be that as it may, the estate will likely earn a fair amount of cash from the sale. Queen Victoria‘s underwear was auctioned off in 2008 and fetched $9,000.

Also, these are hardly your run-of-the-mill Hanes briefs:

Richly embroidered silk undergarment with a monogram of the royal crown with the initial script ā€œEā€ underneath on the top left, with a designed stitched going across the garment above it. On each side there are two flowers on a stem with leaves and beside it a stem with two leaves. The garment is lined with a beautiful and delicate crocheted lace hem. There are four small pearl-like buttons on the left side.

Even her panties are fancy! Albeit decidedly uncute. See for yourself:

[eBay via TMZ]

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