Wealthy Former YSL CEO Wants To Raise Taxes On The Wealthy

There are a lot of people who wish really, really rich guys had to pay higher income taxes, and it turns out Pierre Berge, former CEO of the storied fashion house Yves Saint Laurent, is one of them.

Berge set tongues wagging today when he told the financial newspaper La Tribune that he believes the people who make the most money should pay the most taxes — he even went so far as to say he finds it “immoral” that rich people pay a smaller percentage of their income in taxes. For the record, Berge is most definitely rich. He’s sitting on a fortune estimated larger than $170 million at current exchange rates, but in this case he’s talking about the superrich:

“I am not one of the megarich like Francois Pinault or Bernard Arnault. And I don’t want to send any tax collectors to their homes … But above a certain threshold, we must raise the tax rates on high incomes.”

To put it in perspective, Arnault, the richest man in France, is worth almost $31 billion, making Berge look almost like a pauper in comparison.

Women’s Wear Daily reports that Berge was also asked if legislators in his native France would pass a law raising taxes on the rich to help tamp down that country’s growing deficit. In response, he said, “That depends how many of the president’s rich friends give him a call.”


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