‘Stiletto Surgery’ Is Reportedly On The Rise

We’re still having nightmares thinking back on the “human body stiletto,” (warning: freaky!) a Photoshopped imagining of an extreme (and, we hope, never to be realized) body modification procedure in which a heel is surgically inserted into a woman’s foot. Luckily, the real set of procedures that Fox News is christening “stiletto surgery” isn’t quite as grotesque, especially when you consider the alternative. That’s not to say some of you won’t wince at the thought of it though.

According to the report, women seeking a more comfortable high heel-wearing experience have been flocking to surgeons in ever greater numbers for operations ranging like bunion removal, shortening toes, injecting collagen into the balls of the feet (“It’s as if they’re walking on pillows,” says one Tennessee-based podiatrist), and removing the pinky toe all together.

Of course, much of the problem comes from the shoes themselves; a study conducted by the American Podiatric Medical Association found that 87 percent of women have had foot problems from uncomfortable or ill-fitting footwear.

Instead of resigning themselves to a lifetime of flats, however, some women are opting to alter their feet so that they can resume wearing whatever shoes they choose without having to endure the pain caused from years of squished toes and pinched nerves. According to one patient who had her pinky toe shortened, the procedure gave her feet a new lease on life: “I’ve never felt this good about something I’ve done. If it’s vain, it’s vain.”

Louboutins, we love you, but you’re bringing us down.

[Fox News]

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