Were Pinup Paintings The Original Photoshop?

We write often and indignantly about Photoshop fails, like the ones that push women’s hips a foot past where they are in real life, or others that lengthen necks so that someone looks more like a goose than a human being. But we have to admit, there’s something rather charming about the way we now know artists took photographs of women and turned them into pinup portraits way back in the day.

Whereas the airbrushed photos we see in magazines are presented as truth, it’s sort of difficult not to recognize the paintings of yesteryear as just that: slightly antiquated works of art. Under the guise of some dude’s paintbrush, lips got bigger, feet got smaller (which, weird) and waistlines diminished behind artfully folded hemlines or towels.

But at least the paintings were honest in their deception, right? Take a look at a few of our favorites from a collection that surfaced this week, below.

20 Classic Pin-Up Girls Before And After [BuzzFeed]
Ulkacurl’s Livejournal

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