Pippa Middleton Probably Won’t Go To Jail For Gun Incident

Over the weekend, Pippa Middleton was photographed in Paris, in a car with three male friends, one of which was pointing what appeared to be a gun at the paparazzi. Uh, bad call, people.

Initial reports pointed out that illegal possession of a gun is punishable by up to seven years in jail; BuzzFeed Shift spoke with French lawyer Pierre Hourcade, who put the sentence at five years.

But according to one paprazzo’s account, the gun was just a fake:

“We had been following Pippa since the beginning of the day. She was hyper cool, we even spoke with her and her friends. It was a fine day, and the atmosphere was truly very relaxed… When the driver pulled out his plastic pistol, it was for a joke, to amuse. A few minutes later, when the vehicle had parked, I was able to touch the plastic weapon which the driver showed to me. It was possible to see that it was the kind of thing you would find in a toy shop”.

French police say that no complaints have been filed against Middleton and her crew. They’re still investigating the situation, but won’t need to talk to Middleton.

So there you have it, she’s off the hook (on the legal end anyway: we can’t vouch for her parents or the palace) and “Gungate” is solved.

[SkyNews, BuzzFeed Shift]

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